Stephen Halapin and Stephen Rader started a gauge business in Bridgeport in the early 1940’s. In 1945, they built a facility in Bridgeport to house their expanding business.

In 1962, Steve Halapin passed away and his son Donald took over the operation with his uncle Steve Rader. In 1982, Steve Rader retired and the business was bought by Donald and Sonia Halapin. Donald passed away in 1993 and Sonia took over as owner with her son Brian Halapin Sr. holding the title as operation manager.

The company did hard chrome plating for most of the area’s tool and die makers and was Lycoming’s largest vendor for refurbishing their tank engines. Eventually they installed electroless nickel plating and dropped the hard chrome. This led to pharmaceutical and government contracts for the company.

In the 2000’s, along with our machining and plating, they upgraded to CNC machining.

Customers over the years included Bic Pen, General Electric, Lycoming-Avco, Heim  Bearing, United States Surgical Corp., Dictaphone, Bridgeport Brass, Remington Arms and Bridgeport Machines.